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RōBUS Mortgage Now Licensed in Wyoming!

We got approved and licensed in our 12th state, the fine state of Wyoming! We are excited to be able to offer our mortgage loan options to the people of Wyoming and continue to do the same in the other eleven states. Here’s the full list of states we are licensed to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best First Home Mortgage

If you look at all the home sales from last year, you'll find that 33% were for first-time homebuyers. Most first-time homebuyers feel nervous about buying a house, primarily because they don't know what to expect. When you buy your first home, you'll have to get your...

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What Types of Refinancing Is Best for Your Home?

62.9% of homeowners still have a balance left on their mortgage. As their mortgages age, many choose to go the route of refinancing their home loan. Refinancing your mortgage allows you to get a lower monthly payment, shorten the length of the loan, or a different...

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What Percentage of Your Income Should You Spend on Housing?

Buying a new home is an exciting time. Maybe you're a first-time buyer who's been dreaming for many years of homeownership, or perhaps you're moving to a larger home to gain more space for your growing family. But it's important not to get carried away. A recent study...

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All loans & rates are not created equal

Don't be fooled by advertised low rates. Let us show you what your best options are.