Conventional Home Loans

We are a direct correspondent lender, providing funding for conventional mortgages. With full cooperation from borrowers we can fund loans averaging 10 days start to finish.

Our Conventional Mortgage Offerings

Since we are a direct correspondent lender, we are able to offer great pricing for conventional loans and can close quick. Here are some reasons why a conventional home loan through RōBUS Mortgage may be the way to go:

Fast: Averaging 10 business days from application to clear to close

Great pricing, on average about 1% less in cost than 80% of the lenders out there

Low overhead equals low rates

Conventional pricing up to 726k nationwide

Flexible terms, any single digit year from 10 years to 30 years on amortization

Manual underwriting down to a 580 credit score on conventional loans and 500 on VA/FHA loans

Let's Chat And Get You A Quote Today

Working with us is like talking to 20+ lenders at once. Not to mention, we are a direct lender as well. We can get you the loan you need and get it done fast.