Salt Lake City has a population of over 200,000 people, with more than 1 million in the metro area.

Salt Lake is a business and religious center for the central-western part of the United States. If you’re moving, you should know the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City to live in.

Salt Lake City has a thriving nightlife and features excellent food and entertainment options. It’s one of the best areas in the country for live music. The area continues to grow and become more vibrant as more artists, businesses, and people are drawn in.

The Best Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City

Like any city, Salt Lake City has both good and bad neighborhoods. If you’re new to the area, finding the community that you’ll feel at home in is essential. The best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City are diverse and thriving.

No matter where you end up, first-time homeowners should make sure to speak to a mortgage professional. Buying a home can be a very stressful experience in Salt Lake City if you don’t already know what you’re doing.

1. Liberty Wells

South of downtown and west of the University of Utah sits the neighborhood of Liberty Wells. With houses affordable and a population of over 8,000, you can feel at home in Liberty Wells. This neighborhood features a suburban feel and is far enough from downtown that you can get away from the bustle of the city

2. Downtown

The pulsing heart of Salt Lake City, this area is perfect for anyone who likes to live in a big city. You won’t have to go far for business or entertainment options. This is not the best area if you have a family, but for young professionals, it’s hard to beat.

3. Wasatch Hollow

A place where professionals and families feel equally at home. Wasatch Hollow is less densely populated and sits directly south of the University. This area has excellent schools, a more spread out feel, and is perfect for large or growing families.

Many residents consider this to be the best neighborhood in Salt Lake City. The home values here are higher than the average for Salt Lake. Living here may require a larger down payment than other areas.

4. Central City

As the name suggests, Central City is directly next to downtown. The difference here is that while you still have access to bars, restaurants, and other amenities, the feel is much more suburban. Most people here are homeowners, and the schools are great.

5. Sugar House

No discussion about the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City would be complete without mentioning Sugar House. One of the largest neighborhoods in the city, this dense suburban area features a nice mix of renters and homeowners.

There are plenty of parks and recreation in this area, and the population is a mix of old and young alike. With around 40,000 people living in this neighborhood, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

6. Yalecrest

Yalecrest is situated between Wasatch Hollows and the University. The area has above average schools, a sparser population density, and a lot of coffee shops and parks. This area is extremely nice for young professionals, but it also has all the things a family could want.

This area has higher than average home values, and most of the properties here are owned by the people living in them. Yalecrest is another contender for the best neighborhood because of its central location and beautiful neighbors.

7. Bonneville Hills

South of the University and east of Yalecrest and Wasatch Hollow sits Bonneville Hills. A bit further out than the other neighborhoods, this area is quieter and features good public schools. High property values and large houses are common in this neighborhood.

This area is perfect for people looking for a quieter place to live while still being connected to the city itself.

8. Greater Avenues

With lower crime than the national average, this neighborhood sits north of the University. This area is a beautiful one, with scenic views and quirky amenities. Small shops and cafes are typical here, and most residents rent their homes.

Greater Avenues has excellent views of the city and is the location of the Brigham Young historic park, which hosts summer concerts and is an excellent place for families to go.

9. People’s Freeway

A neighborhood nestled south of Downtown and Central City. This area is full of attractions. Minor league baseball and hiking trails that follow the river are all clean and popular. Access to the downtown area is second to none here.

A famous business in the area is the Brewvies Cinema Pub, where they serve locally made beer and screen big-budget movies.

10. East Central

Situated between the bustling downtown area and the University, East Central is a place where you can find a lot of value. One of the famed intersections of Salt Lake City, 9th and 9th, is in this neighborhood. From the Tower Cinema that shows cult classics to a community garden, East Central has it all.

Clothing boutiques and trendy restaurants make sure that life in this neighborhood is always interesting. The neighborhood is also renowned for its low-key bars and taprooms and can fit young singles or families equally well.

The Best Neighborhoods of Salt Lake City

When analyzing what neighborhood works for you, remember that Salt Lake City is a beautiful city. Most of the city is a nice place to live, but these ten neighborhoods rank among the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City for their beauty and amenities.

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Salt Lake City is a growing metropolis that offers opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. Don’t hesitate to unlock your potential and growth in the jewel of Utah.

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